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Discover the versatility of Exigent® – from automatic gun and drone detection to advanced big data analytics and AI personal assistants. Our Artificial Intelligence solutions redefine possibilities, offering insights, efficiency, and innovation. Explore the Future with Exigent®.

Elevate Your Efficiency,

Protect Your Assets.


Navigating the complexities of project execution, staff management, and new opportunities is no longer a challenge with ARCHIE, our on-premise AI Personal Assistant. In the competitive landscape of government contracting, ARCHIE emerges as the solution to alleviate task overload. This affordable and dependable assistant safeguards your business's intellectual property and government-controlled information, reducing your workload and enhancing competitiveness.

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Unleashing the Power of Big Data.


Revolutionize your data landscape with Ominis, an Advanced Data Management and Digital Data Mining platform. Harnessing sophisticated AI and deep learning algorithms, Ominis navigates the complexities of Big Data, providing strategic insights and predictive metrics across various computing platforms. Our hybrid network architecture, blending Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) cells with convolutional layers, mimics the reasoning capacity of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Ominis scales seamlessly to handle terabyte and petabyte-sized data, ensuring speed, efficiency, and accuracy in classification. Embrace a modular, scalable, and hardware-agnostic approach to Big Data analysis with Ominis — transforming how you understand, model, and simulate your data. Explore Ominis for unparalleled adaptability, interpretability, and transparency in the world of Big Data Analytics.

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Exigent® Target Recognition

Detect. Identify. Alert.

Exigent® delivers proven AI-based threat detection and related security solutions without the limiting false-positives common to other computer vision systems. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning capabilities, Exigent offers the unique capability to autonomously detect and identity threats, alert users automatically, and track the target of interest’s location in real time.

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Exigent®-DR Aircraft Detection

Artificial intelligence-based capability detects aircraft (fixed wing and rotary wing) day or night, at a distance that allows effective security response. Exigent-DR integrates with an EOIR camera system via an AI-equipped computer, and is based on technology developed for the US Army.

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Exigent®-GR Gun Detection

The Exigent®-GR gun detection capability is based on AI technology developed for the US Army. Based on the military concept that a larger operational space allows more reaction time, Exigent-GR allows guns to be detected sooner to mitigate threats more effectively.

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