Automatic Target Recognition

Powered by Arcarithm, Exigent® is applying Artificial Intelligence to identify targets of interest as early as possible to save lives and protect resources.

Exigent® Target Recognition

Detect. Identify. Alert. Track.

Exigent® delivers proven AI-based threat detection and related security solutions without the limiting false-positives common to other computer vision systems. Powered by Arcarithm’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning capabilities, Exigent offers the unique capability to autonomously detect and identity threats, alert users automatically, and track the target of interest’s location in real time.

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Exigent®-DR Drone Detection

Artificial intelligence-based capability detects drones day or night, at a distance that allows effective security response. Exigent-DR integrates with an EOIR camera system via an AI-equipped computer, and is based on technology developed by Arcarithm for the US Army.

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Exigent®-GR Gun Detection

The Exigent®-GR gun detection capability is based on AI technology developed by Arcarithm for the US Army. Based on the military concept that a larger operational space allows more reaction time, Exigent-GR allows guns to be detected sooner to mitigate threats more effectively.

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