Exigent®-GR Gun Detection

Gun Detection: A Serious Challenge for Security, Risk Management and Law Enforcement Personnel.

The Exigent®-GR gun detection capability is based on AI technology developed by Arcarithm for the US Army. The technology was originally developed to detect both drones and guns, based on the concept that a larger operational space allows more reaction time.

Current security camera systems require a human to identify gun threats. Even dedicated security professionals using the best camera system cannot provide 100% real-time observation.

An effective, pro-active solution is needed to identify guns before they enter the building and shots are fired.

Exigent-GR combines state-of-the-art camera technology with sophisticated computer vision in a single robust device that autonomously scans and processes images to identity guns.

Video Demonstration

Exigent®-GR offers the capability to:


Autonomously detects people with guns as early as possible, before shots are fired.


Instantly analyzes imagery using AI algorithms to determine type of gun (long gun vs. pistol).


Automatically notifies security officials via text message or email showing person with the gun, their location and type of gun.


Follow the suspect’s location in real-time, even if the gun has been discarded.


If a gun is detected a signal can be sent to lock a door with electronic locks or magnetic locks. If an electronic or magnetic lock is not available a pin can be released to drop into a pre-drilled hole that would place a barrier to opening the door.

How Exigent-DR Works

Product Comparison

Security / Operation

Exigent®-GR security features include role-based login, application authentication and message encryption. Further, the Exigent-GR Application Programmer’s Interface (API) operates inside a docker container isolating the API from the rest of the system as an extra layer of security, while ensuring the software does not conflict with other required system dependencies.

Arcarithm provides required training on how to operate Exigent-GR, and how to understand the output, with onsite training available. A training manual is provided, and Arcarithm provides call center support as well.

Logistics and Licensing

Exigent-GR is a standalone unit installed by Arcarithm. Exigent-GR is licensed on a subscription basis.

System Requirements

Power Exigent-GR operates off of facility 110V power
Internet Access Exigent-GR connects to the Internet via the facility WiFi
Alert Access Alerts are sent to computers and/or smart phones via the internet
Exigent-GR is installed by Arcarithm trained technicians.

Product Details

Manufacturer Archarithms, Inc.
Product Name Exigent®-GR
Version 2020
Manufacturer Part Number A2020EXGR
Product Type SAAS
Delivery Method Hand delivered for installation. Updates provided via remote digital upload, requires access to the internet.