Ensure Compliance and Site Safety with Exigent®-PPE - Your AI-Powered Partner.

Exigent®-PPE is an advanced AI computer vision solution designed to help construction, manufacturing and other worksites maintain OSHA compliance by continuously detecting, identifying, and alerting you in real-time if a worker is not wearing the required hardhat and/or safety vest. By integrating this capability into your site operations, you can significantly reduce risks, enhance productivity, and promote a safer working environment.

Why Exigent-PPE is Needed

Construction, manufacturing, petrochemical and other worksites are inherently risky environments where workers encounter numerous safety hazards. Even the best safety plans are challenged in the effort to ensure OSHA compliance. Exigent-PPE addresses the critical need for automated safety monitoring to reduce the likelihood of accidents, injuries and regulatory violations. Based on advanced AI computer vision technology, Exigent-PPE continuously monitors the worksite and automatically alerts you for non-compliance of required personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hardhats and safety vests. By proactively addressing PPE non-compliance situations, Exigent-PPE empowers organizations to prioritize worker safety, avoid costly penalties, and uphold their commitment to safety excellence.