ARCHIE™ AI Personal Assistant

Our AI Personal Assistant works with your data on-premises to increase productivity, save time, and protect your intellectual property and allow you to protect Government controlled information.

Businesses are juggling executing projects, rationing staff, and pursuing new opportunities. Management and employees are drowning in tasks to support all business functions. Surviving in today’s highly competitive government contracting landscape requires large staffs to effectively manage a barrage of tasks. In addition, protecting company intellectual property while also protecting Government controlled information is critical to survival. An affordable and dependable AI Personal Assistant that protects business intellectual property and protects Government controlled information reduces workload and allows companies to be more competitive.

ARCHIE™ is an on-premise AI personal assistant that reduces your workload and protects company and Government information.

ARCHIE™ works with your data on your computer on-premises and keeps confidential information private allowing your company to gain competitive advantages by reducing the time and effort to complete tasks. Archie offers:


Generate content on the fly – expand bullets for proposal content or just brainstorm ideas.

ARCHIE CHAT is estimated to increase individual productivity by 20%.


Ask questions about your data and get quick real-time responses.

ARCHIE QUERY is more accurate because it uses and cites your data.


Prepare documents automatically based on your information.

Save time and do more by allowing ARCHIE WRITER to synthesize documents.

ARCHIE helps you perform marketing research, identify opportunities, develop software, create CDRLs/SDRLs, prepare responses to RFIs and proposals, and perform RFI/proposal color teams.

Security / Operation

ARCHIE runs locally on your machines and uses virtualization isolation technology to ingest new information while ensuring no sensitive data leaves the application environment during operation. This ensures a private environment that is safe for information such as controlled unclassified information (CUI).

System Requirements

CPU Intel Core i7 (or better) with Intel VT enabled
Memory (RAM) 64-bit System: 32GB minimum
Operating Systems Windows 11 or later, MacOS 10 or later, Ubuntu 22.04 or later
Graphics Card N/A
Storage 64GB minimum
ARCHIE can be deployed to your laptop or your intranet. ARCHIE is delivered via direct digital download.

Product Details

Product Name ARCHIE™
Version 2.0
Manufacturer Part Number ARC-ARCH
Product Type Software
Platform Windows, MacOS, Linux
Shipping Method Software Download