ARCHIE™ AI Personal Assistant

Unlock Efficiency and Security: Introducing ARCHIE™, Your On-Premise AI Assistant.

Businesses are juggling executing projects, rationing staff, and pursuing new opportunities. Management and employees are drowning in tasks to support all business functions. Surviving in today’s highly competitive landscape requires large staffs to effectively manage a barrage of tasks. In addition, protecting company intellectual property while also protecting your client's information is critical to survival. An affordable and dependable AI Personal Assistant allows companies to be more competitive.

ARCHIE™ offers three core capabilities - Chat, Query, and Writer – providing businesses with a versatile AI solution that meets a variety of needs.


Collaborate, seek advice, brainstorm ideas, and request assistance with various tasks. Real-time communication fosters creativity and problem-solving within the organization, enabling teams to work more efficiently and effectively. By streamlining internal communications, ARCHIE™ helps save time that would otherwise be spent on lengthy email threads or scheduling meetings.


Quickly access valuable insights from your data by asking specific questions in natural language. Query saves time and resources compared to manually analyzing large datasets for trends or patterns. By providing real-time, accurate information, ARCHIE empowers you to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights, and ultimately improve productivity and efficiency.


Create high-quality documents such as proposals, reports, plans, procedures or specifications with ease. Writer saves time and resources by automating the writing process. Businesses can focus efforts on more strategic tasks while still producing professional, error-free documents. Additionally, ARCHIE writer ensures consistency in tone, style, and formatting across all content.

Increasing productivity using AI.

  • Solutioning:

    ARCHIE empowers users to work smarter by fostering collaboration, and boosting productivity across teams through multi-functional capabilities.

  • Enhanced Productivity:

    With ARCHIE businesses can streamline processes. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas in chat, analyzing data for insights, or creating documents, ARCHIE empowers users to work smarter.

  • Confidential and Secure:

    ARCHIE ensures data security and confidentiality by operating entirely on-premise, keeping sensitive information within the company’s network. This protects your businesses from external threats and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations.

Tiered licensing - based on seats


up to 10 seats


up to 50 seats


up to 100 seats

Enterprise Pricing is custom (101+ users)

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System Requirements

CPU Intel Core i9-10900K CPU or better
Memory (RAM) 64GB of DDR4 server grade RAM
Operating Systems 22.04.3 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)
Graphics Card NVIDIA GPU (An NVIDIA RTX A5000 or equivalent is recommended)
Storage 500GB of SSD Disk Space
ARCHIE capabilities are accessed via the browser.

Product Details

Product Name ARCHIE™
Version 2.0
Manufacturer Part Number ARC-ARCH
Product Type Software
Platform Windows, MacOS, Linux
Shipping Method Software Download